Cormega - Beautiful Mind (With Lyrics)

Cormega - Beautiful Mind (With Lyrics)

Cormega - Beautiful Mind Album: Legal Hustle - Track 2 Lyrics: I'm sick of gossiping bitches and niggaz who gossip like bitches claiming they live but if you pop em they snitching some wise from the building, the game knowledge of dealers knowing they lack the heart of those who out on the benches I was out in the trenches which enables me to paint such a powerful picture like Apocalypse Now I put my heart in my lyrics, every time I sit down I write, my source of inspiration ain't 3 and a half mics I must have been an mc in my past life presently I'm unquestionably poetic, I'm that nice people act like, I don't deserve nothing I got I grew up in the spot my sleep was interrupted by customers knocks some of y'all should just stop the animosity you got for me luck it was not for years we ran the projects like a marathon these catastrophic, my time depth of pride became my own conquest subsequently some are with me others ain't yet, the gun is within me I wish for nothing except that my mother was with me some place judgment against me based on nothing but envy they pray for my downfall like the song by biggie born in the city which never sleeps till rest in peace its carved in stone some starved while others bled to eat rap is my legacy I leave my seed my destiny except I hope she never see the treachery success will bring the trife life and death of kings I'm from the rarest breed of people who rep the street and spit poetically never sleep, rest assured mega is dope in ...
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